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What makes us so unique?

Marketing POWER. We have the LARGEST Social Audience in Tampa Bay.



Grow your business and get in front of the largest captive audience in Tampa Bay!

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What does this mean for you as an agent?

Your ability to market a listing is unparalleled.

Yes, properties are moving quickly at the moment, but when you are able to show a potential client that you can get tens of thousands more eyeballs on their property than any other agent out there…you eliminate any competing agents’ leverage.

We provide leads to help grow your business. With thousands of inbound leads each month, you can choose to work additional leads as they come into our CRM system (or have our client concierge qualify them and hand them off!).

You will get access to our internal marketing team. Everlane Realty was created as the result of two St. Pete agents partnering with the Tampa Bay is Awesome team. This partnership opens the door for agents looking to farm neighborhoods, run targeted promotions, and build personal recognition to focus on selling properties. This is your leverage to avoid countless hours trying to becoming a social marketing expert.

Everlane Value Proposition:

  1. Personal Promotion through Tampa Bay is Awesome Instagram and Facebook Pages & Stories
  2. Listing Promotion through Tampa Bay is Awesome Pages
  3. Guaranteed 30+ Leads Per Month
  4. Managed Ad Spend for exclusive leads
  5. Industry Leading CRM with access to Boomtown CRM
  6. Access to our in-house attorney for questions & addenda templates
  7. Low Brokerage Fee Split and Annual Cap (+ advantageous fee structures for teams!)
  8. Qualified Leads at a 25% referral fee
  9. DotLoop E-Signature Software
  10. Community Relationships (restaurants and attractions) for video showcases and promotion opportunities
  11. Dedicated Broker on deck to support you, answer questions, and help you achieve your goals
  12. Plug into Everlane/Tampa Bay is Awesome community events

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