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St. Petersburg Real Estate

St. Petersburg, also known as ‘St. Pete’ or simply ‘The Burg’, is nestled perfectly into Florida’s Gulf Coast on the edge of Tampa Bay. It’s the fourth largest city in Florida with over 75 different neighborhoods and a population of 260,999.

People have been coming to St. Pete since the early 1920’s, presumably for its warm weather and perfect sunsets. Previously dubbed as ‘God’s Waiting Room’, St. Pete used to be the spot for migrating retirees. Now days, it’s not just the sunsets and warmth that continue to draw people in, the city is blooming into a youthful, robust hub of Art and Innovation. In fact, in 2014, St. Pete made the New York Times’ list of 52 destinations in the world to see.

Here are our top 5 reasons St. Petersburg is a beautiful place to live:

  • The People & Culture

St. Pete is a bubbling melting pot of natives, transplants and part-timers. It’s a big, little city with the comfort of local businesses that remember you by name, and the boundlessness that there is always something going on. The residents of St. Petersburg are vivacious, inventive and inspired – it’s part of what gives the city its magic.

  • The Food (and Drinks)

This city is brimming with some of America’s finest dining experiences. From local diners, to franchise favorites, to artisan crafted secrets, St. Petersburg is definitely one of the most talked about cities among foodies and critics alike. Gulf Coast or Gulp Coast? St. Pete is home to more than 15 different craft breweries and oh, the coffee spots – they’re abundant.

  • The Beaches & Weather

Okay, so we still brag about the sunshine but, why wouldn’t we? St. Petersburg holds the Guinness World Record for the most consecutive days of sunshine (768). That’s why it’s called the ‘Sunshine City’. The peninsula is surrounded by water so no matter where you live in St. Pete, you’re within 15 minutes of pure paradise. There’s a project underway to redevelop the Pier District, another one of St. Pete’s unique neighborhoods.

  • The Entertainment

There is always something to do in St. Pete! It’s notable for hosting the Firestone Grand Prix, Tampa Bay Blues Festival and SHINE Mural Festival, just to name a few. There are 20 plus museums and art galleries and over 15 live music venues. Some neighborhoods even host regular monthly and weekly events like the Saturday Morning Market and First Friday in Downtown St. Pete.

  • The Opportunity

St. Pete was recently voted the #1 Best City for Millennial Job Seekers. Could it be the Tech Scene, or USFSP’s influence on Medical Research and Marine/Life Sciences? Maybe it’s the quality of high-paying opportunities in the Manufacturing, Financial Services, Real Estate and Hospitality industries. Whatever it is, St. Petersburg is rapidly becoming the place for relocating businesses and startups.

There’s a vibrancy going on in St. Pete” – Roger Dow, president of the U.S. Travel Association.

Come and see it for yourself…